Asian Conference on Recent Trends in Colloid and Surface Science

Organized by the Asian Society for Colloid and Surface Science and supported by the Research Center for Materials Science of the Nagoya University, the "Asian Conference on Recent Trends in Colloid and Surface Science" was held at the Noyori Conference Hall at the Nagoya University.

Plenary Lecturers
  • Prof. Heinz Hoffmann (University of Bayreuth, Germany)
  • Prof. Kazuhiko Ishihara (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
  • Prof. Junbai Li (Chinese Academy of Science, China)
  • Prof. Hiroshi Masuhara (Osaka University, Japan)

Scientific topics covered
  • Assemblies: Micelles, Emulsions, Vesicles, Liquid Crystals, Gels, Others
  • Dispersions: Synthesis, Particles, Polymers/Biopolymers, Suspensions, Others
  • Interfaces: Adsorption, Electrokinetic Phenomena, Surface Forces, Tribology, Catalyses, Others
  • Films: Monolayers, Bilayers, Langmuir-Blodgett Films, Self-assembled Monolayers, Membrenes, Others
  • Methodology, Technology, and Theory: Scattering, Rheology, Microscopy, Nanofabrication, Nanotechnology, Innovative Materials Processing, Computer Simulation, Others
  • Industrial and Medical Applications: Cosmetics, Foods, Coatings, Household Products, Ceramics, Textile, Drug Encapsulation and Delivery, Environment, Energy, Microelectronics, Others
  • General Topics Related to Colloid and Surface Science

Official Language
The Official Language of the Conference was English.

Supported by
  • Research Center for Materials Science, Nagoya University
  • The Chemical Society of Japan
  • Japan Oil Chemist' Society
  • The Society of Polymer Science, Japan
  • Shiseido Co., Ltd.
  • Nippon Menard Cosmetic Co., Ltd.
  • Miyoshi Oil&Fat Co., Ltd.
  • Itoh Oil Chemicals Co., Ltd.
  • Takemoto Oil&Fat Co., Ltd.
  • Ozawa Science Co., Ltd.

International Advisory Board
  • D. K. Chattoraj (India)
  • H. Hoffmann (Germany)
  • S. P. Moulik (India)
  • Brian Vincent (UK)

Asian Advisory Board
  • M. Abe (Japan)
  • C.-H. Chang (Taiwan)
  • L. J. Chen (Taiwan)
  • T. K. Chiu (Singapore)
  • J. Huang (China)
  • T. Inoue (Japan)
  • K. Ismail (India)
  • K. C. Khilar (India)
  • J. Li (China)
  • K.-H. Lim (Korea)
  • T.-L. Lin (Taiwan)
  • Z. Liu (China)
  • B. Mandal (India)
  • A. K. Rakshit (India)
  • S. Shah (Pakistan)
  • Y. Shchipunov (Russia)
  • K. Tajima (Japan)

Organizing Committee
  • Honorary Chairperson: S. Hirano (Japan)
  • Chairperson: T. Imae (Japan)
  • Secretary General: S. Gupta (India)
  • Members:
    R. Sasai (Japan)
    K. Taga (Japan)
    Y. Takeoka (Japan)
    J. Yamanaka (Japan)
    K. Yasuda (Japan)
    Y. Yuguchi (Japan)


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Prof. Toyoko Imae

Dec 7 (Wed) - Dec 9 (Fri)