The field of surface and colloid chemistry after the Second World War was a narrow branch of physical chemistry only dealing with phenomena related to surface tension, colloid stability, emulsions, gels and colloidal electrolytes.
Since then, the science of surfaces and colloidal dispersions has entered a new era where modern development of knowledge of physics, chemistry and biology has been extensively exploited. New preparations and highly improved products have been marketed to elevate the quality and comfort of modern human life. The fundamental and interdisciplinary science have also reached an advanced and mature state of development so that their applications may cover different applied branches such as pharmaceutical science, edible oil technology, chemical engineering, metallurgy, food technology, biochemical and biomedical engineering, petroleum technology, environmental science and technology.

Under the impact of globalization, the scope for participation and interaction from scientists in academia and industry across the nations is greater than ever before. In Asia there are many developing countries where basic and applied aspects of colloid and surface science has advanced over the years where active feed back from the industry is essential.

The proposal for the formation of Asian Society of Surface Science was informally discussed in a meeting in Fukuoka in July 2001 by Prof G. Sugihara, Prof. H. Maeda, Prof. Y. Moroi, Prof. T. Inoue and Prof. D. K. Chattoraj. In Nagoya there was a separate discussion of Prof. D. K. Chattoraj with Prof. T. Imae, who kindly agreed to act as one of chairpersons of the proposed Society at the initial stage of its formation. During her visit to Mumbai and Kolkata, Prof. Imae discussed with Indian colleagues about the initial procedure of the formation of such a Society.

In November 2004, during the "International Conference on Soft Matter" in Kolkata, the Council of the Society was formed, deciding the Society objectives, activities, permanent center, branch offices, and the Founder Members from different countries.

  • C.H. Chang
  • D. K. Charttoraj
  • L. J. Chen
  • S. Gupta
  • T. Imae
  • K. Ismail
  • T. Inoue
  • K. C. Khilar
  • K. H. Lim
  • A. B. Mandal
  • S. P. Moulik
  • A. K. Rakshit
  • S. S. Shah
  • Y. Shchipunov